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  1. Started industry experience within the technology department of İSKO as an R&D engineer (15/07/2011)
    • End of site maintenance
  2. ATLAS experiment @ CERN on leave from Dogus University/Istanbul, Turkiye (01/01/2011 - 30/06/2011)
  3. PH-ESE-ME Section @ CERN where I worked and the GBT web site - the project I designed for (2008-2011)
  4. Schools I taught at:
    • ISOTDAQ-2011, International School of Trigger & Data AcQuisition, 2011, Rome/Italy
      • Introducion to ROOT and on-line data quality monitoring, DQM (lecture)
      • Analog ASIC design overview for HEP experiments (lecture)
    • ISOTDAQ-2010, International School of Trigger & Data AcQuisition, Ankara/Türkiye
    • HPFBU-2009, Computer applications in accelerator & particle physics, Adana/Türkiye
      • Lectures in Turkish (See "Türkçe bağlantılar" below)
  5. Some useful links:
  6. Some hardware design examples
  7. Talks & Papers (All papers @ CERN-CDS, IEEE, arXiv, ScienceDirect)
    • Charge-Pump Phase-Lock Loop Parametrizer Full Suit: CaPPeLLo, in progress
    • OPUCEM: A library with error checking mechanism for computing oblique parameters, Computer Physics Communications, Volume 182, Issue 8, August 2011, Pages 1732-1743 (paper)
    • The GBT-Serdes ASIC prototype: test features and preliminary results, TWEPP-2010, 20-24 September, Aachen, Germany (presentation, paper)
    • A Radiation Tolerant 4.8 Gb/s Serializer for the Giga-Bit Transceiver, TWEPP-2009, Paris/France (paper, poster)
      • The same poster updated with measurements for Electronics at CERN Exhibition, November 2010 (poster)
    • µElectronics for Experimental Physics, seminar @ Doğuş Üniversitesi, İstanbul/Türkiye
    • Eurasian Conference (the 5th) on Nuclear Science and Its Application, 14-17 October 2008, TAEK, Ankara/Turkiye (paper, presentation)
  8. Türkçe bağlantılar:
    • ODTU, YEF grubu ile programlama dersleri (ilk gun, ikinci gun, ucuncu gun)
    • Mersin Üniversitesi, Bilim Günleri (haber), Deneysel fizikte ıslık çalmaktan yüksek hızda veri iletimine (düşük çözünürlüklü sunum)
    • Hızlandırıcı ve parçacık fiziğinde bilgisayar uygulamaları, Adana okulu, (Adana HEP Computing School), 2009.
    • CERNTR
    • TAEK
    • ALICE-İÜ Tarihi/History (Tr)
  9. In case you have GoogleEarth, here are my boring routines (The only trace I leave on the planet):
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